These shades are a very special collection to support a wonderful community of people who are striving for equality and deserve no less! Please understand that they are a group of people who DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE! They are born who they are and are creative, loving, spiritual, intelligent, hard working, with values,faith , hopes, and dreams. And often never get to achieve some of their goals due to others lack of understanding or support from the world! And the long journey to simply feel complete. A struggle that begins before they even know. These colors represent the Wipe Out Transphobia fanpages logo and the wonderful people I know. And Sister Roma who is battling the UNFAIR name policy that has effecting primarily Trans community members pages. Please visit links above and learn more! It will effect us all if we dont as the policy is unfair. Also these shades create a wonderful addition to any collection and have a great reason behind him! Lets show our support! #wipeouttransphiobia #sisterroma #MYNAMEIS

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