Barney Blew Up

This is such a fun polish! It literally looks like Barney exploded! You can see his heart (white hearts) and his purple guts in various shapes, colors and sizes :). The base is a light, delicate lilac crelly (cream/jelly) with a very pretty light lavender shimmer. Added to that are magenta, lavender and mauve metallic squares and hex, matte white hearts and hex, large and medium neon purple and neon green transparent hex.  The matte white heart glitters are sparse and are meant as accents and are not the focus of the polish.  I know that not everyone likes heart glitters, so I kept that in mind when I created this beauty!  If you don't like hearts, you should have no problem leaving them off your nails while painting with this one.  Glitter ratio will vary from bottle to bottle.   Some bottles may have more neon purple  glitters than others, and some bottles may have more neon green glitter, it just varies.  This one applies easily, but as with any larger shaped glitters, you will most likely have to fish for the hearts as they are larger and sparse.

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