Norway Nails is a small independent business which goal is to get wonderful and special nail polish out to the people who love it! It's an affordable luxury and there are just too much to choose from. So I have chosen something for you, and I really hope you will like it! If there are anything special you are looking for, let me know, I will see what I can do, but I can't promise anything. 

I will also be offering personal shopper services. You tell me what you want, and I will to my best to get it. This may cost a little more and take a little more time, but always know, I will update you under the process and I hope to get close to my customers.

The brands we are carrying will be brands that are not easy to get a hold of here in Norway (Europe). There will also be some other things like Stamping supplies, accessories, manicure equipment and so on... it's all about your nails, hands and feets. 

I hope you will enjoy the store, and please don't be scared to ask about anything! I am here to help.

More about me (that you really don't have to know)...


I have had a love for nail polish as long as I can remember. I actually got the Clarins 230 (Unicorn pee, so rare and very hard to find is it) in store sometimes in the 90s I believe. My collection started with Chanels and Deborah Lippmann. But I suddenly noticed there were a whole world out there for nail polish lovers. There were bloggers, communities, Facebook groups and so on. So I got on the ride and have been hooked ever since.

Not to forget the independent polish makers and the incredibly exiting online stores. No wonder I wanted my own store. I have missed such a special store here in Norway.

I am currently 39 years old, living with my husband, 13-year old daughter, 2 dachshounds and 1 bengalcat in a little town near Bergen, Norway. I also have 2 older children that has moved away from home. Besides nail polish I have a huge passion for fashion. And movies/TV, other beauty things and I collect cosmetic samples.  My favourite colors are as you probably can see by the shop black, purple and silver!

So what I am trying to do is to get polish out to the ones that really love it. The ones that are hard to get a hold of here in Norway and the ones that you can't get without paying a lot of money. I will try to keep my prices as low as possible. 

Wenche Angelinn