Customer Service

If you have any questions you can use the "Contact us" button on the left side of the page or send a mail to: orders@norwaynails.com - Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply (maybe longer on the weekends). Feel free to write in norwegian, swedish or danish, we understand all these languages but can only reply in english or norwegian. The fastest way to get an answer if you have a question are to PM us on the business Facebook Page.

Currency converter

There are a currency converter built in the page (in the top menu). It supports AUD, CAD, DKK, Euro, GBP, SEK and USD. You will pay in NOK but that's the easy way to get an estimate. Currencies changes constantly so it's impossible to give an exact price in your currency.

General information about nail polish

Nail polish never gets too old to use and you can store it basically forever. The polish may become separated or thick, but that can easily be fixed with a good thinner, some shaking and a little care. Do not put the polish in direct sunlight or expose it to extreme heat or fire. The polish can explode by getting too much heat and direct sunlight/much light can also make the colors change in time. We highly suggest that you store it in a drawer or a shelf with doors. Some say you must store it in the fridge, but that is a myth. Nail polish can be stored at regular room temperature. Always shake the polish before you use it and keep it away from children who might find out it's so tempting they will have to drink it.

Disclaimer about thermal polishes

Extended exposure of thermal polishes to heat or places of high temperature will decrease the shelf-life and integrity of the thermal polishes. We recommend all thermal polishes be stored in cool temperature to obtain the optimal characteristics of these products. We are not responsible for the integrity of the thermal polishes as an effect of your local temperature and your storage method of the thermal polishes after purchase.

Disclosure about colour accuracy

Some colors are really hard to photograph correct and your computer monitors might vary. Product photos are either taken by us or we have permission from the owners to use them. There will be swatches (pictures of what it looks like on the nails) available for some, but not for everyone. If you are uncertain about a colour we strongly suggest that you use Google to get a better idea of what the colour will look like on your nail and maybe a better picture of the bottles. As you can see most of them are watermarked and do not copy the pictures to any other sites without permission.

Refusal of orders

We reserve the right to cancel part of an order or the whole orders under certain circumstances. This may include but are not limited to orders that are placed for multiple bottles of one polish and/or customers that have ordered, but not paid (by wiretransfer). Payments will be refunded ASAP for multiple bottle-purchases (more than 2 of one color, in certain cases only 1 of a color).

Refusal of customers

We hava a right to refuse to serve customers that there has been problems with in the past. I will not just cancel an order without a very good reason, you will get an explanation why. Known resellers will also be refused service (that means if you buy highly sought after colors just to resell them for a higher price). More about this are stated in the shop Terms & Conditions.


Handling time for orders are approximately 3-5 business days after payment is received (In high volume sales/offers periods there might be delays, we will try our best to announce this up front). You will get a shipping notice once your packages are ready for shipment.

The shipping are a flat rate charge for 40 NOK (Norway), 45 NOK (Europe) and 65 NOK (Rest of the World). For orders over NOK 600 (Norway) and 750 (Rest of the world) your order will ship for free. If you want to order with tracking, please contact us for rates.

We can unfortunately not ship to any postcodes in Scotland. If you want to order from Scotland, we highly suggest you ship your order to a friend outside of Scotland. This will be on a trial but please also be advised that Royal Mail still can destroy packages in the UK. This is an overview of the postcodes we can not ship to: Postcodes in Scotland.

Please notice that if you choose not to have tracking/delivery confirmation on your packages (The cheapest option), we can't take responsibility for it after they are shipped.

We ship with Posten.no, the smaller packages will go by regular A-post/international letter that normally takes between 2-5 business days inside of Norway (some customers may experience delays if the PO does not deliver right in your mailbox).

Shipping can take up to 6-8 weeks because of strict inspection rules with customs in some other countries. We strongly suggest that you choose to have the Carry-on-Cash alternative if you are worried about the shipping time and the mail services.

Approximate delivery time inside of Europe are 3 weeks. Delivery to Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United States has taken about 2 weeks. Russia have to expect about 6-8 weeks delivery time. There might be delays in Germany because of strict custom rules.


We hate to see pictures of broken and destroyed polishes, that's why we pack polish bottles individual in bubble wrapping and ziplock bags. We think of the environment and if I have the opportunity to reuse material (from suppliers and so on) we will do our best to protect the environment and recycle. 

If you experience leakage, broken bottles or any other problems with the package please contact me immediately and send a picture of the problem. Depending on stock, we will either reship or refund the product.

Several customers have experienced packages going a lot faster if they are wrapped in bubble mailers instead of boxes, so when it's possible we will use them. If it's an order of 8-9 or more polishes, the order can be split up to two different packages, because it's cheaper than sending a large box.

Please be aware that we run our business from home and since we are also doing the recycle thing, we can not be held liable for allergic reactions on pet hairs (have two dogs and a cat in my home) or different smells on the packing material (perfume, soap, smoke, food etc.).

All the polish and packing material has been stored in our basement that are away from other smells in the house, but pet hairs can go everywhere no matter how good the storage are and smells can easily travel through  the house while packaging.

If you are concerned about this we will ask you not to buy. To have a own spare room for this or to rent an office would have cost us so much that there would probably be a shop at all.


We prefer that you use Paypal to pay for your items. Paypal won't allow us to see any of your credit card information, all you need is a e-mail address and you can transfer funds from you credit card or bank account. Or you can just use a Visa or a Mastercard to pay directly without an Paypal account.

Discount Codes/Gift Cards

There are a limit of using one discount code for one pr. order. That means that you for example can not use a loyalty reward to shop a sale.
All co-operating bloggers will have discount codes for 10% off your order. You can also get 10% off by liking the Facebook business page.

You can not purchase gift cards with a discount code.

Please notice that all gift codes/giveaway codes/discount codes are considered personal and we will not honor orders that are obvious are group orders made with a personal discount.

How to use a gift card or a discount code

After you are ready to order and reach the first checkout page there will be an option to apply the discount code. If you have any difficulties with this please contact us.

Taxes and Duties outside of Norway

If you are placing an order outside of Norway you will have to keep in mind that Norway are not a part of the European Union. Additional taxes and duties might apply to your country.

If you get these costs please send us a proof from your customs/PO (scanned receipt or photo of receipt) and we will refund your additional costs (Your VAT and the postal handling cost). Please notice that you will have to do this within 7 days of receiving your order. Do also state your order number. The refund will go by Paypal to the account used to place the order and will be done in NOK depending on the days currency rates.

Taxes and Duties in Norway

All orders are shipped from Norway and will not release any additional fees other than the ones you already paid for.

All appliable taxes and duties are included in the product price. The VAT/mva. are by todays date 25% of the value of the package including the shipping costs. 

Returns and refunds

We are required by the Norwegian Law to have a full refund (not on the return shipping cost) if you decide to change your mind after receiving the package. The products must however be in the condition you received it in (Not opened or used). You will have to return it within 14 days after you received the package and enclose a signed copy of the "Angrerett skjema" we have enclosed in your delivery confirmation. This must follow the package and can not be sent by e-mail.

You will also have to take responsibility for sending the shipment back in the condition it came to you in. We will refund you as soon as the package arrives back, or you can choose to get a cupon code to use on your next order (please send me a mail if you rather want a code).

You can read more about the Norwegian Law for customers here: Lov om angrerett.

This law apply to all countries within the EU/EEA.

Once we have recived your return you will get a full refund for the products and the shipping (if you have returned the whole order). The shipping from you to us are however something you will have to pay yourself.

If we have done something wrong with your order, you are missing items or something are not as it should be, broken or damaged, please contact us and we will either refund or reship.

Cancel an order?

If you want to cancel an order this must be done within an hour after placing it (just to make sure it's not already shipped).

Combining orders

If you have not received a shipping notice for your order - we will combine orders automatically. To put an order on hold (request late shipment) to combine with other purcases this must be agreed upon in advance. Send us a message or an e-mail. Please notice that during sales we do not combine orders.

Independant Polish Makers

Some of the products we are offering are made by independant polish makers who handmix them for you. These products have always been tested by us before we resell them, but you must be aware that there can be slight variations in the different batches. If you are having trouble with something you can always contact us and we will assist you in any way I can.


If you are a blogger and would like to blog about our products, we will contact you. Please don't contact us.

We reserve the right to say no or not answer to bloggers that want to promote our product lines and the shop and contact us directly for samples.

Product samples
If you are a distributor/wholesaler please feel free to send us samples for your product for consideration of wholesale orders. You can find our address on the company page.