Information about Lynndrella Boutique opening

Posted on March 28, 2013 by Wenche Angelinn K.

Lynnderella will be available on tuesday 02.04. I am sorry, but I can not offer any reservations or pre-ordering. I will do my usual thing and there will be no announcement for what time they are added. But I will not launch all the stock at once. There will be a second launch on friday the 5th, IF anything sell out.

To see what colors will be available, you can check the site. I have also put a price on them now, and it will be 239 NOK (about 32 Euro). But please remember: Every member of my blogger network (you can find a list of them in the shop) have a 10% discount code that applies to every purchase made. They will not expire. However, only one code can be used for one order. It don't matter wich one you use.

Shipping are the same for all countries, it's a flat rate for 39 NOK (about 5 Euro) for orders under 600 NOK, while orders over have free shipping.

Remember - Lynnderella Lacquers can NOT be shipped outside of Europe. For other countries, please visit Lynnderellas Ebay-store at:

If you don't find the shades/colors in the core line collection this time, please tell me and I will add it to my next shipment. I will not have any Limited Editions available for purchase.

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