More information about the Enchanted restock (Over)

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Wenche Angelinn

The pre-reservations were taken from 08.00. this morning, but a lot of people have e-mailed me about this before the set time. All e-mails that were not sent after 08.00. will not count in on the pre-reservation list, also if you have sent a PM here on Facebook, these can not either count in on the list. I'm sorry but this is the only way I can do this without losing total control.

Also, I already had an overwhelming amount of e-mails and PM's about this, so my best bet is that everyone who has given me a list, will not get exactly what they want. I will do this with a limit of 3 bottles pr. order (3 bottles, different colors).

Because of capacity, I will not be able to answer all the e-mails, so you probably won't hear anything before you receive the invoice. This might take time. I will not start invoicing before I have the shipment on hand and have checked that everything are perfect. My best estimate are that invoices will start going out in the middle of next week.