Information about Enchanted restock 11-13th october (Over)

Posted on October 08, 2013 by Wenche Angelinn

Information about the Enchanted Polish restock/orders - please notice European customers only:

There will be a waitlist with reservations on this order from Enchanted.
The colors that will be available are listed below.

If you did not get the chance to buy the colors you wanted on the last restock, or did not get to buy any at all, I would suggest you send me an e-mail to reserve the ones you want. It's a maximum of 1 of each color pr. customer. Please be advised that payments will be done with a manual Paypal invoice (each customer needs an own Paypal account). The invoice will have to be paid within 24 hours after you receive it or your items will be released for the next on the waitlist.

If you didn't buy in the last restock (in september), your name will be put on top of the list. All others go on a first come, first served basis. To place a reservation will not guarantee you all your waitlist items, but I will to my best to get everyone a chance of having at least some of their wishes fulfilled.

Remember to include your Paypal address in the e-mail. To do it this way, will mean that I will have much more work with these orders than I normally do, so allow some time for answer on e-mails, invoices and shipping.

This option are available from the 11th of October (08.00 CET) and will close down on the 13th. (23.59 CET). Please do not send e-mails about this before or after the set times.

I will start to send invoices as soon as the shipment arrives and that I know everything are ok. Remaining stock (if there are any) will be listed in the shop as usual, unannounced.

Mr. Burgundy
Water For Unicorns
Afternoon Delight
Time To Pretend
Eletric Feel
The Youth
Future Reflections
Queen of the Castle
Castle On A Cloud
Ice Castle
Beautiful Rule Breaking Moth
Seven Nation Army
Across the Universe
I Am The Walrus
Hey Jude
Magical Mystery Tour
Octopus's Garden
Mean Mr. Mustard
Hot Chocolate