Information about the Enchanted restock - OVER

Posted on September 11, 2013 by Wenche Angelinn

I am expecting the Enchanted restock to be this week. There will NOT be a spesific date/time for this. I am unfortunately not taking orders by invoice either on this (this week), so these will be exclusive for European customers. If there still are stock left next week, I might take some orders by invoice.

However, all the stock will not be launched at once, I will put up small amounts of the polishes on different days and at different times. This is to be sure there will not be any overselling.

If they just say "Out of stock" they will probably be available again at a different time/day, when they are completely sold out they will be removed from the shop.

Orders will be combined as usual, you can combine orders as long as you have not received a shipping notice. I can also hold your orders if you are trying to get more of these. Just let me know by e-mail/message.