Important changes in Terms of Service

Posted on January 11, 2014 by Wenche Angelinn

Important changes in Terms of Service:

I will be packaging around 600 bottles of polish next week. Please be patient for refunds and shipping notices.

It's important to notice the following changes:

* There are new Terms & Conditions (Terms of Service), the main changes are done to ensure that the loyalty program are not to be abused, among this that discount codes that are tied up to one spesific customer, are strictly personal. You can not place group orders or buy items for other people (gifts are of course ok) with these discounts.

The other important change are that known resellers and group orders that are not agreed upon in advance (multiple bottle purchases over 2 and in certain cases 1 color) can be cancelled without futher notice.

There are also a change that applies to the availability of products and our right to cancel orders in case of overselling or wrongfully stock listed. This have been in the T&C before, but I thought it were important to specify it more.

I think it's also important to explain why these rules are put in place. It's basically to prevent people to "stock up" on highly sought after items, especially during a sale, just to resell them to others for a higher price. Also it's to ensure stock for other customers. That means if you buy 6 bottles of a color, that means that there are 5 other customers that perhaps would not get the item they wanted because we sold them all to one customer. I think most of you will understand this.

* The new Loyalty program are up, I have chosen to call this the Penguin Point Program! This will be located on the left of your screen at the bottom of the page. All customers that has registered an account are automatically enrolled in this program. Notice that if you are buying without an account, you will not get your points for the order. Also, if you are buying with invoice you will not get points for the purchase. All customers will start with 0 points. You can also get points from referring other customers to the shop, by Facebook or Twitter.

* I still have not started to send out newsletters, but I am hoping to test out the feature soon. If you want to receive these, the default are that you NOT get them, so you will have to sign up manually to get on the mailing-list.