Prices shipping 2014

Posted on December 21, 2013 by Wenche Angelinn

The PO has decided to change the shipping prices and I am experiencing some increased prices for products  and supplies.
Therefore some adjustments has to be made.

New prices will be (please notice that these are shipping/handling prices):

For Norway the price will remain the same at 39 NOK. Orders over 600 NOK will be shipped for free (no change).
For Europe the price will increase (sorry about that!) from 39 NOK to 48 NOK. Orders over 750 NOK will be shipped for free.
For orders outside of Europe however, the price will drop from 13 USD to approximately 10 USD. Orders over approximately 120 USD will ship for free.

However, to make up for the price increase for shipping in Europe, some of the products will get lowered prices.