Pre-orders/reservation of Angels Kiss

Posted on December 07, 2013 by Wenche Angelinn

I am taking reservations on Lilypad Lacquer exclusive Angels Kiss.
I know there are quite a few who has waited to get this.

To be sure to get a bottle, please send me an e-mail to:, with your name and Paypal address and if you want one or two bottles (I am doing a two bottle limit). You will get an invoice when the shipment arrives.
I will take reservations until they get here, then the rest of the stock will be added to the shop as usual.

Please notice that reservations by manual invoices can not be combined with dicsount codes (because it's a lot of extra work doing this manual).

For orders outside of Europe I am working on finding a good way to do it with a lower shipping price. You can still reserve the polish though!

(For orders in the United States):

I have had several questions about the shipping of the Angels Kiss over to the US (or in general out of Europe). I have a mail-forwarder that allows me to send them all over to the US in one package and she will ship them on. Basically I am taking 2 USD in shipping and handling inside the US, without taking shipping costs from Norway to the US. This is the cheapest option I can offer but of course if any of you prefer another option just let me know.

So the full price for the polish are approximately 23 USD including shipping/handling for 2 USD = 25 USD. There will be no additional fees (Paypal fees and packaging supplies are calculated into the price).

However I will ask everyone who ordres this way if it's ok to share their shipping address before I pass it on to anyone else, according to the shop privacy agreements.