Bad and good news / Restock and launches for December/January

Posted on December 07, 2013 by Wenche Angelinn

Some bad and some good news:

Bad first - my supplier of packaging material has problems because of the weather situation over here so my supplies are late for delivery. I am all out of it because of the delays and are not expecting them to be here before early next week. Orders from yesterday and today will be delayed. Because of this I am putting something extra in all the orders that are delayed more than 2 business days.

Good news - updates on restocks and launches for December and January:

Some restock/launch updates (if everything goes as planned, because now it's impossible to know with the holiday shipping).


Launch of new collection and restock of Crows Toes
Launch of new colors and restock, including the Angels Kiss custom for Norway Nails and the last shipment of True Blood (this is now discontinued) from Lilypad Lacquer
Launch of new colors and restock of Femme Fatale including the 4 special gift-sets with minis and a topcoat (limited stock available)
Launch of new colors and restock of Chaos & Crocodiles
Launch of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Base and topcoat

(This list is not final)
Restock of Serum No. 5
Restock of Emily de Molly
Launch of new brand Polished by KPT
Launch of new brand Cupcake Polish